European Otters - Lutra lutra

Otters have been a big part of my career so far and are by far my favourite species to photograph and film. With Norfolk having a great population of otters, I have been able to spend a lot of time with them and seen otters on nearly all the rivers in the county. I have filmed otters for BBC Springwatch and also got a highly commended image of one in the 'International Garden Photographer of the Year' competition. I have split the gallery into to sections; freshwater and coastal. Although they are the same species (we only have one species in the UK, Lutra lutra) they lead fairly different lives.


Freshwater Otters

(Rivers around Norfolk)

I found a family of otters a few years ago, which provided me with a great introduction to otters. This lasted a few months and then was slightly ruined by the public finding out about them. Every person with a camera turned up and it turned into a circus for the following 6 months. From this though I was able to work for BBC Springwatch and produce a video on the otters for the show. This led to further work with them, which is still on going. Video can be found here: Otters - BBC SPRINGWATCH

With a few otter sites still showing this project is on going and hopefully always will be. Here is a collection of image. Below this gallery is another section about coastal otters, which I working on in Shetland.

Coastal Otters

Last Spring I was ask to guide for Shetland Nature for 3 months, a wildlife tour company in Shetland. They run tours on all different species like puffins, gannets etc.. but specialise in Otter (Shetland name - Draatsi) It's safe to say it's the best place to see otters in the UK, if not Europe. Whilst I was out there the average amount I saw a day was 5 and peaked at 11 in one day. I didn't have a huge amount of time to photograph them because I was guiding most of the time. But whenever I had a spare minute it was my first choice. Below is a selection of the images. I will be returning next spring to expand this portfolio and get some more original images. If you want to see otter, I highly recommend Shetland.