Grey Seal Workshop

Norfolk has a strong hold of grey seals and every winter thousands line the beach to give birth to their pups. It's a great time to photograph the seals as a lot is happening. The white furry seal pups are dotted all over the beach. The males are getting ready to mate and regular fights occur to show dominance. Also the females will be protecting the pups from the males creating more action on the coastline. I have worked on the seals for the past 8 years and know the site extremely well.


The workshop will allow you to get in a good range of the seals and get some good low vantage points. 300mm lens is normally enough but longer lenses may give you more options. The beaches themselves create a beautiful landscape to photograph the seals in. As its an important time of year its vital not to disturb the seals so there will be two slots available each side of the key pupping period. September and November workshops will be concentrating on adult grey seals and common seals. January will be everything, except non-weaned pups. The rest of the year has haul outs of around 40 seals, a mixture of greys and commons.


More images of the seals on my project page here: Grey Seal Project


Location:         Norfolk

Dates:              Throughout the year. Get in contact with your prefered date. Jan - Feb available


Time:              Dawn - 2pm

Cost:                £170 for 1 on 1

                        Group: £100 Per person (Max 4 people)

Equipment:      300mm or longer, plus a wide-angle encase a opportunity arises. Pups can come up to so                             you may want one on hand.


To book or make an enquiry, please fill out the form on my Contact Page. (50% deposit is needed for booking)