Grey Seals, Norfolk 2013-2014

Over the winter of 2013-14 I was photographing and filming a grey seal colony in Norfolk. This is an important time of year for them, as they come to shore for the pupping season. The females haul out in there hundreds to give birth. The males patrol the coastline and areas of beach in search of females in season. Females are in season a few days after they give birth and males normally protect a group of females and fight off other interested males. It's normally the biggest male wins. The pups are only on the beach for 6 weeks. The first 3 weeks are vital, as the mother is weaning them. In the last 3 weeks they don't feed, instead they moult their fur to enable them to swim. I use my fieldcraft and knowledge not to distress or disturb the seals as it's an extremely important time. Normally I don't photograph the 0-3 week old pups, as it's when they are the most vulnerable. When I do I make sure the female is around and confortable with my presence. I hope you like the set of images and hopefully the video will be up shortly, as I mainly concentrated on filming this year.