Gannet Project

Whilst guiding in Shetland for three month, I was able to photograph Gannets (Solan - Shetland name). This was the first time I had been to a seabird colony and it didn't disappoint. During my time I went to two different colonies numerous time. I also photographed a gannet feeding frenzy with clients, this involved throwing mackerel off the boat and the gannets diving and flying all around you. This was an amazing experience but no where near the same as witnessing a natural feeding frenzies, which just took my breathe away. Below is a selection of images. In the gallery below this one, is a low key gallery, so keep scrolling.

Low Key Gannets

I spent a lot of time creating low key images with Gannets. This is done in camera with only slight adjustments in the post edit. Low key images can only be created in certain conditions. With most of these shots, they were taking in harsh sunlight and the backdrops were either in shade or naturally a dark colour.