Water Voles

I have never tried to photograph or look for water voles, mainly because they haven't interested me. But everyone in the wildlife photography world goes on about them and now I can see why. I saw my first ever water vole yesterday (30th April) and today I decided to try and photograph them. What a day it was. They are Britians fastest declining mammal.


The site I have found is only 6 miles away from my house and is fairly secluded. I only had a couple of hours free, so I set up in the river where I saw one the day before. Waders on and I waited for only a few minutes before the first one appeared. Within the two hours I saw 6 different individuals including 1 juvenile all within a 10m stretch of river. I was amazed how friendly they were, a few coming within touching distance.


They are incredible mammals to watch and very entertaining. I can now see why people like them so much.

Here are a few shots I got in the 2 hours but I will be spending a lot more time there in the future.